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Meet Our Team

This is our Concierge Digital Agency Team.  They are the hardest working bunch of software gurus and business brains this side of the galaxy. Each one of them has 'Work hard, play hard' tattooed on the insides of their eyelids, and if you don't believe it, swing by for a game of foosball.

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Adam S. is a die-hard skier who would, hands down, take a trip to the mountains over a trip to the beach any day. In fact, his claim to fame is “winner” of the best face-plant at the Sunshine 2012 Slush Cup. After spending six years as a professional student at the Edwards School of Business, Adam decided it was time to take his degree and get out of there. Adam has a wide range of previous work experience, from accounting firms to golf resorts, and a fondness for electronics and technology.

Ali Y. strives to travel as often and wear shoes as seldom as possible. Having spent the last two years alternating between teaching English and diving, surfing, hitching and hiking her way around Australia, she is happy to be back home where the sky goes on forever and the seasons make sense. Ali is excited to put her commerce degree to work as a Digital Agent.

Aristo L. recently graduated from the Edwards School of Business with a B. Comm degree in Marketing. At the age of five, Aristo decided that he wanted to be a frog when he grew up. However, in the cold and harsh light of reality, he's since abandoned that dream and become a Digital Agent which he deems to be the next best thing. His imagination continues to get carried away, usually in the form of ridiculous business ideas and/or inventions. Aristo backpacked around the world and back! He’s swam with dolphins in Cuba, scuba dived at the southernmost tip of the Great Barrier Reef and drank a beer on top of Mt. Doom in New Zealand. He loves to cook, is a film junkie and he secretly aspires to becoming a rap mogul like Jay-Z.

Bill D. combines years of customer service and writing experience as a Digital Agent. He tries his best to fit in and fit everything in with a wife, twins, a dream job, not to mention - freelance writing, cooking and writing about spicy gluten free food in one blog, playing and writing about Magic in another blog. Other hobbies include reading fantasy/sci-fi books and trying to get some sleep. If you must know, he like all the fandoms, but if forced to choose: Star Wars and DC!

Braeden A. growing up in a small town, did everything from playing all sports imaginable to attempting the saxophone. Braeden still manages to keep his competitive spirit alive by playing in almost every sport league around the city. When he’s not out playing sports you can find Braeden online competing at video games, or attempting to brew his own masterfully-crafted beer.

Caileigh S. graduated from Queen's University with a Kinesiology degree and worked a couple of cool jobs in health and sport. She is pumped to get her hands dirty as a Digital Agent. She digs sports, camping, and live music.

Carleigh D. joined the Digital Agency Team after 5 years in retail management. She lived abroad in Australia and in the UK and has since traveled to 21 other countries including Dubai, Guatemala and Colombia to name a few. She is a "crazy dog lady" and will show you photos of her puppy at any given opportunity. Feel free to stop her in the office to chat about your recent travels, or show her photos of your dog!

Celine M. is originally from North Battleford, SK. Before joining the Digital Agency team, Celine moved to the big city and attended the Edwards School of Business. Not your average blonde, she completed the Honours Program and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management with great distinction. In her spare time, Celine can be found (usually sunburning) at the lake, making hilarious dad jokes, or just being a social butterfly.

Chris B. joins the Digital Agency team after a lengthy career in all facets of retail business. A professionally trained screenwriter who never got his chance to pen the sequel to Point Break before it was tragically remade, Chris spends what free time he has wrestling with his kids, planning world domination. As you might of guessed, he sports a comic and art collection as well as a self deprecating sense of humor.

Danielle D. first adventure away from home led her to Halifax while pursuing a degree in Russian Studies through Dalhousie University. This eventually led her to a study abroad in Saint Petersburg where she rediscovered her love for studio art. She is currently working towards her BFA. In her free time, Dani enjoys all forms of art including painting, photography and writing.

Dylan E. previously worked in forestry and commercial real estate appraisal. He is big music fan, and will randomly noodle on his guitar instead of learning actual pieces of music. A football and basketball enthusiast, he also enjoys participating in other activities like croquet, disk golf, fantasy football and board/video games.

Heawan W. joined after hearing only great things about this growing tech oasis, and jumped onboard as a Digital Agent. As a killer basketball player and compassionate individual, when she’s not on the court, she works with at risk youth and mothers at a local group home. Her pastimes include enjoying the marvelous tales of JK Rowling, and learning from the likes of Manly P Hall, and Osho, as well as re-watching her extensive collection of Al Pacino movies. Catch her on Snapchat!

Jamie P. enjoys snowboarding and casual games of hockey at his neighbourhood rink. Jamie also enjoys fishing, biking, playing guitar and singing (his skill at the latter are in question). He’s a Digital Agent who is still not 100% convinced that this isn't some sort of wonderful hallucination. Either way, Jamie's happy to be here.

Jenn F. used to be cool; she hosted a Sunday night radio show on CFCR 90.5 FM for a few years, spreading the word about her favourite bands to the masses (mostly her mom). That all ended in 2013 when she turned all of her attention to the world's most time-consuming book club - the English program at the University of Saskatchewan. This turns out to have been a good move, because now she's a Digital Agency writer. Other than Tweeting a lot, Jenn enjoys reading, drinking tea, and watching entire seasons of television shows in as few days as possible.

Julia E. is not a fan of idleness or twiddling her thumbs, Julia loves the constant business of the Digital Agency department where she resides, and feels very at home (the vast supply of food and candy may be a large factor in this feeling). Outside of work, Julia enjoys parenting an overweight golden retriever, reading non-fiction, running and exercising to offset her love of unhealthy food, and balancing her heavy Netlifx schedule with a social life.

Julia P. is a machinist by trade and can bore your engine cylinders. She would like think that most machinists aren’t as creepy as Christian Bail in The Machinist. In winter Julia likes snowboarding in the mountains and in summer she enjoys relaxing on sandbars around the city and tossing an Aerobie around. She also likes trying out new recipes in her spare time. Julia will play you in any Smash Bros game, if you’re up for the challenge.

Justin Z. holds a degree in Sociology. He is joining as a Digital Agent with 6+ years of customer service experience. His interests usually have anything to do with music, film, photography, traveling and just hanging out with friends and having a good time. He also has a series of names that has followed him around since highschool; Juice, Juicy J, Juice-tin, Juice Newton, Newton… Call him by any of these and he is sure to respond.

Kathleen K. has a positive mindset and zest for life that are hard to miss: she firmly believes that almost anything in life can be remedied with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. As a hobbyist writer and proud owner of a BA in English, she's excited to be able to engage in her passion as a Digital Agency Writer. Imaginative and creative, she enjoys plummeting into various forms of art, including writing fantasy, drawing, and painting (traditionally and digitally). When she does climb out of the her art cave, you can find her indulging her inner geek - playing video games, reading novels, or playing a little D&D with her friends - as well as doing yoga and AcroYoga, or enjoying craft beer (but not all at the same time).

Magdalena D. was born in Poland, raised in Chicago, and is now living in Warman. A woman of many interests, she once rescued a chipmunk. She has since moved on to bigger critters, and will gladly whip out her phone to show you her gallery of photos of her two cats. She graduated from DePaul University with a degree in communications, and came here to live with her husband. Shortly after unpacking her bags, she decided to follow her passion, and that has lead her to our Digital Agency team.

Mara S. got used to living out of a backpack, but is thrilled to be back in her home surrounding(with her home closet). Fresh out of a 6-month communications internship at a non-profit in Sri Lanka, she can't believe her luck at landing a job she'll actually be paid to do as a Digital Agent. She can only hope her dancehall skills are applicable. She is also very food literate, dedicated to yoga, and demonstrates a healthy obsession with Beyoncé and politics, probably in that order (#beyonceforpresident).

Michele K. moved to Scotland and then traveled around Europe for a year. This gave Michele a deep appreciation for siesta-ing and wine. She loves to cook for friends and family and travel as often as possible. When she's not at the gym, Michele likes to play pretty much any sport, jump off cliffs, read, or lie in the sun. Michele has her education in Business Management with Human Resources, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She is bringing her secret ninja skills and putting them to work for our Digital Agency.

Micheline G. pursued a degree in Commerce from the U of S in “the big city” after high school. Despite her new city digs, she is still but a country girl at heart. This is very evident when the country music starts playing, as she cannot help but slip on her boots and dance, even sometimes embarrassingly so. She is constantly trying new fitness classes and becomes obsessed with them... for about three weeks before ditching it and starting something new. She may be small, but her vibrant laugh and fiery liveliness make her to be a mighty friend to have in your corner.

Nik W. is a Digital Agent with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. He likes to spend his evenings making music and his weekends skiing or camping in the mountains. He also finds the time to teach drums at local music store and sell outdoor gear. He’s an easy going guy who enjoys a good pint of beer with friends.

Pascal D. recently received his Bachelors of Fine Arts (studio Art), which comes in close second for life achievements after having completely wrapped Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (without realizing fast travel was an option). Juggling art, games and the woes of being slightly too tall, Pascal is always ready for a challenge. With over 12 years experience in sales and customer service in every job imaginable, Pascal is excited to join the Digital Agency team.

Riana B. is best known amoung her friends for DIY'ing everything, from bunk-beds to patio furniture, if she can dream it, she can build it. With her own custom wood working shop set up in her basement (or outside in the summer) she would disappear for days if her kids would let her. In her downtime she enjoys sketching wild animals with either charcoal or graphite pencils, and every once in a while dabbles in oil painting on canvas. Joining the Digital Agency team has been an exciting change for her as she gets to have conversations with adults on a daily basis, which were scarce when staying at home to raise two young boys.

Sam H. is a firm believer that there are too many wonderful things in life to go through it just focusing on one part. Sam has been reading, writing, and drawing her whole life. She is proud to say she's addicted to tea, buying books (sometimes getting around to reading them). While Sam loves to travel and experience new things, nothing beats a quiet weekend at the cabin, in her opinion. Her Grumpy Cat page-a-day calendar is her sole sustenance besides vegan food and Futurama. Weird and random opinions are a must for this Digital Agent, as is learning as much as humanly possible. After all, her middle name is "Challenge Accepted." Just kidding, it's something far nerdier than that.

Sean S. has a unique claim to fame: he has helped print tickets for pretty much every major sports team in North America. He is also enjoys Rodeo, Golf, and everything summer. When winter hits, he is either coaching his daughter’s hockey team or skiing down the slopes himself. He is in charge of our Digital Agency, where he brings over 15 years of industry experience.

Shakya A. hails from the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka where she lived until obtaining her Bachelors of Business Administration. Trading deep blue ocean for golden prairies, Shakya moved to earn her Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing from the U of S. A tech geek long before joining us, Shakya came to us from the Future Shop family where she placed in the top five of more than 300 salespeople. She wins in our hearts too. Her passion for tech is met only by her passion for travel—you can often find Shakya on a plane seeking out her next adventure. Already she’s been from Tokyo to London, often with Above and Beyond in her headphones. Shakya is the team lead of our best in class Digital Agency.

Tonia L. joined as a Digital Agency Writer. Having worked and trained in a variety of entertainment companies across the country, she has credits as a stop-motion animator, a storyboard artist, and a video game writer. If you’ve played Bioware’s Dragon Age 2 or Dragon Age: Inquisition, you’ve probably seen her work. Tonia is also trained in comic book illustration and scriptwriting, and works on sequentials in her downtime when she isn’t causing trouble alongside her husband and young son.

Zack M. has a Bachelor’s of English degree and his creativity drives him to exciting (and sometimes dangerous) places. When he is not at work, you will find Zack either playing videogames, or outdoors hiking and exploring. Whether alone or with his family and friends, Zack remains high energy and welcomes the challenges in life. In the wise words of his personal hero Sonic the Hedgehog, “C’mon step it up!”.


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